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Octavia, an experimental skateboard build

I promise, I will post something non-skateboard related eventually. I'm going to see llamas tomorrow. I'll post llama pictures.

I started out with this deck. 10 ply maple. So cheap there was nothing to lose.

The goal was a symmetrical blunt ended board, a little bit inspired by the late Gravity GS. First I mounted trucks, and used a straight edge, and a riser as a spacing guide between truck mounting holes to drill the new holes.

1/2" space means I can put Randal 125s on this board later if I want to try that.

Then I took a piece of paper and mounted it to the board with bolts running through it. Then I traced the board shape of the end I wanted to replicate onto the paper. Cut it out, and mounted it into the new bolt locations on the other end, and traced that onto the board. Hooray symmetry. Or a close approximation.

Cut along the line with perhaps more space to spare than I needed to. Sandpaper is cheap, at least. And pecans.

I finished the shaping and started the rails with a hand sander, and finished off with a hand block.

This painting method was working great until these crappy saw horses decided to buckle. With spray paint it seems to be a close approximation of a 'dip' look, painting it suspended like this. I resorted to one side at a time while on small blocks.

A couple coats of primer gray, then some top and bottom graphics spraypainted through a stencil...

Built out with painted bullet 105mm on 1/2" risers, Reds, and Gravity 80a burners.

It turns pretty bad right now. I am going to work on different bushings to see if I can get some decent turning without raising the height or getting wheel bite. It may end up a learning experience in making wheel wells. Also, I will probably try it as a 6 wheeler, 2 front or back. It did take me to work today, and was fun to ride. Some terrain felt like I was on something with bigger wheels, and as a pushing platform it felt very stable, if a little high. The 10 ply maple at 35" long had no flex. Nada. All wheels were on the ground, even standing in the middle, and I am on Team Heavy Rider.

So yeah, llamas.

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